Some illustrations from the book “Una cena speciale” (A special dinner), I realized for the collective exhibition “Il paese di Cuccagna” (Cockaigne) at Anzola dell’Emilia in occasion of 2015 Bologna Children’s Book Fair, sponsored by Isia Urbino, Chiara Carrer and Silvana Sola.
The book is the reinterpretation of the Satyricon’s episode about the feast of Trimalcione.


“Adotta l’autore” (Adopt the author) is a reading promotion project sponsored by the Andersen award winner bookshop “Le Foglie d’Oro” in collaboration with the city of Pesaro, the province of Pesaro e Urbino, and the region of Marche.

Kids love stories.

Rebuilding the relationship between books and children.

Making moments for discussion among books and children


Creating special events to give more attention to the book, in order to see it under different lights.


Giving space to children’s literature, since in Italy it represents the most dynamic proposal in the editorial field.


Showing teachers and families how the proper use of the voice can fascinate the children, getting them closer to the world of the books.

Cooperation between family and school is the key.